MyKeyboDroid is a text-to-speech based on a dynamic keyboard. It allows people physically impared writing and speaking. It also facilitates the acquisition of literacy skills by young children or with difficulties. By default it has a QWERTY keyboard and an optimized keyboard with most frequent letters easily clickable. It also allows two types of writing: syllabic and letter by letter.



MyKeyboDroid allows numerous settings: keyboard type, language (English, German, Spanish, French and Italian), color (background, font and border), font size, touch type… It also allows to configure new keyboards using XML files.

From version 2.0 it allows you to enter text by scanning, so you can click anywhere on the screen to select the active item. It also allows you to set a time after selecting an item for which no pulsations will be captured and the option to copy what is writing to the clipboard.




You can download the app MyKeyboDroid from here: And a manual to configure the application (in Spanish) in:




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  3. Wolfgang Bosswick says:

    Este programma esta muy importante. Tenemos una hija con un sydromo Phelan-McDermid que no puede ablar, y ella communica muy bien via FC (assisted typing).
    Funciona muy bien en un tablet Samsung Galaxy, solamente el status bar esta una problema (por tocar el space, ella toca a veces system home, y todo el texto hecho esta perdido). Sopportar multiple clip board entries seria bien porque despues empazar un nuevo texto despues cerrar el programma, los textos antes estan borrado.
    Sobre todo, excellente application!

    • fmgdoval says:

      Dear Bosswick,
      Could you contact us at and explain a little more your problems with the app. We think we might be able to help a bit at least with some of them as we are working in a newer version. If it is easier for you, English is perfectly OK.
      Thanks a lot for your kind comment.

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