Help us

In ACCEGAL we do not reject public or private funding to make our projects move forward, but when this is not possible or in addition to it we firmly believe in microvolunteering. Because It is small actions of many people that move the world .

If you have graphic design skills, know about Alternative Augmentative Commnunication Systems, programming, electronics, ICT, Therapeutic Pedagogy or Speech and Language Therapy… Whether you’re an individual or a company, if you want to lend a hand in the project, here are some of the ideas we are currently working on, sign up by sending an email to . Or you can suggest some other 馃槈

  • Would not it be ideal if all our applications were available on different mobile platforms? If you’re a developer for mobile devices and you want to help out let us know. We have the original code and everything you need to facilitate your task.

  • To have our applications available for PC would enable users to use them on computers with touch screen or interactive whiteboard. So if anyone is encouraged to pass them to a cross-platform systema we will also provide all the information, code, links and more.

  • We have several small projects for Android, please contact us and Give us a hand.

  • Graphic design not only serves to make things beautiful, but to fulfill their duties optimally. None of us are well versed in these lides, so all graphic designers are welcome. A product orientated to accessibility does not have to be ugly. Aesthetics is also very important.

  • More than once organizations and schools we work with have asked for aid involving adaptation and testing of electronic devices. If the soldering iron is your tool and you want any of your hacks to have a social purpose, send us an email.

 If you do not feel identified with any previous project but you want to help, just contact us. Sure we can think of something. And remember, any input is IMPORTANT.

You can also help us to spread this initiative. You can give us greater visibility including this banner on your website.