PictoDroid Lite is an application for Android devices that allows users to communicate through the use of pictograms or Picts (signs that represent schematically a symbol, a real object or a figure). This version allows to express different actions and create complex sentences. The selected sentences are created using Picts belonging to different categories. Once the sentece is finnished, the system will proceed to the reading of a sentence formed.

The application is currently in beta version and only in Spanish, to make it work you have to allow applications from unknown sources (Go to the menu “Settings”> “Applications”, then activate “Unknown sources”). To install, copy the file PictoDroid.apk to the SD card in your device, install a file browser (eg ASTRO), select the file PictoDroid.apk and the install option. If you have questions, want to report a fault or any other suggestions you can contact us at the email contacto@accegal.org.

The application allows the following options::

  • I want to: create a sentence with subject “I” and verb “want” and where you can select the predicate.

  • It hurts: make a sentence beginning with “It hurts” where you then select a body part. You can switch between “It hurts” and “It itches” by holding down in the home screen the corresponding item and then regular press in the one desired.

  • I say: make a sentence where you can choose a subject, verb and predicate.

  • Question: make an interrogative sentence where you can choose a subject, verb and predicate.

  • Formulas: expression of the different social formulas.

  • Actions: repeat any of the frequent actions previously saved. The frequent actions must belong to the first four categories and are saved by pressing the floppy button once pronounced the sentence.


  • The button “+ s” toggles the subject or predicate selected between singular and plural.

  • Some of the names change gender with a long press in the Pict.

  • The “x” button removes the last item introduced.

  • The “i” (+info) in short press opens adjectives and adverbs, in long press opens the categories for subject or complement depending on where the user is located (for example if you want to put an infinitive verb followed by a noun).

  • The “+” button to enter prepositions or conjunctions.

  • The “play” button plays the created sentence.

  • Long press on the elements already selected in the sentece (top of screen) shows the sentence entered so far.

  • On the home screen, press the MENU key to access a small information about the application.

PictoDroid can be downloaded directly here:

The PictoDroid manual can be downloaded here (in Spanish) [Descarga manual de la aplicación PictoDroid v1.0 (beta)].

The application uses the Picts of ARASAAC (http://arasaac.org/), created by Sergio Palao and distributed with Creative Commons license (BY-NC-SA).


The next video explains the use of the app (in Spanish).


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