Acknowledgements included in this section are not sorted by any specific criteria. Each partner has contributed its way and all help is important and appreciated by us. Any support or collaboration has been selfless and altruistic and deserves our highest consideration.

We would like to thank Pablo Gulín Díaz his wonderful an generous work in designing the logos for MyGame apps family.

Image Zadia Corporate Software, a Z between two brackets The company Zadia Software is now adapting to iOS VirtualTEC and MessageTTS.

We recognize and acknowledge the work of Joaquín Ignacio Pelaez Santana, a graphic designer from the city of Talca – Chile ( < /a> – ) who has design the corporate image for both PictoDroid and PictoDroid Lite.

Iñaki Quenerapú , alma mater of Boa Idea has made Accegal logo.

 logo with the letters ARA in green and SAAC in gray The Aragonese Portal of Augmentative and Alternative Communication ARASAAC has not only facilitated the Picts used. They have also been advicers, betatesters and crucial support.

PictoDroid Lite project would not have been possible without the support and inspiration of Feliciano Couto, whose communication board ( ) serves as basis for the development of this project.

 typographic logo AZ agile Eduardo Jose Alvarez, from Agil-AZ SL has made the new set of icons for VirtualTEC.

 Agalip logo and link to your site To Agalip , strategic consulting and customized content, we owe our website being more agile, interactive and social, better organized and easier to manage.

 Logo Sign IFConsulting based on characters with blue background The company helps with various translations of our applications.