Use our apps in a PC

We have recently received great news. With the software “BlueStacks” Android can run on our PC, and as Google Play has been added, our applications can be installed and use in a PC. To do this you simply need to download the software at, have a Gmail account to download applications from the Google Play, and follow a few clear steps.

In case you want to access the “sdcard” in this software is made through a file explorer, as can be ASTRO ( In case you want to add, modify, etc.., any file of our applications (Picts. Xml, etc.), in its own “sdcard” there is a folder named “bstfolder” containing data from our PC, such as documents , images, etc., through which information can be exchanged between the software and the PC itself. This way, you can also install applications that are not available in Google Play.

Mac users may experience, sometimes, problems installing applications from Google Play, but we have found the solution in the following link: Should you have any question, do not hesitate to contact us.

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