MyGame WordSearch, our new app


MyGame WordSearch is the second application of “MyGame” family. In this family we intend to create cognitive game generators, so you can create and play these games but always adapting them to the end user. This application allows creating and playing word searchs, the clasic game of finding words in a grid with letters.

This application makes possible to create games with the words you want, and place them horizontal, vertical, diagonal and even backwards. You can choose the grid size from 4×4 to 12×12 and if you want hints in the game (words to search, pictures, audio or descriptions associated, or mark the first letter). Finally, it also allows you to create sets of grouped games or individual games. It is available in Spanish, English, German, French, Italian and Galician.

We’ve uploaded this new app MyGame Memory to Google Play and our web:

Here there are several screenshots of the app.

2015-04-22 07.39.23

2015-04-22 07.38.14

2015-04-22 07.37.11

2015-04-22 07.37.39

2015-04-22 07.37.21

2015-04-22 07.37.29

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