MyGame Puzzle, our new app


MyGame Puzzle is the fourth application of “MyGame” family. In “MyGame” apps we intend to create cognitive stimulation game generators, so you can create and play these activities but always adapting them to the end user. This application allows you to create two types of puzzles and play to solve them.

This application makes possible to create two types of puzzles ranging from size 2×2 until size 6×5, with the images that the user desire. The app also offers the possibility to set hints in the game and to limit play time. Finally, it also allows some basic gamification by grouping puzzles in complex sets if desired. It is available in Spanish, English, German, French, Italian and Galician.

We’ve uploaded this new app MyGame Puzzle to Google Play and our web:

Here you can have a look at several screenshots of the app.






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