Survey on videogame use habits among people within the autistic spectrum

We would like to ask for your help. A researcher conducting his doctoral thesis in the Doctoral Program in Creativity and Social and Sustainable Innovation at the University of Vigo is doing an analysis of videogame usage habits by people within the autism spectrum.

One of the first steps he wants to take is to do a small study to find out how people on the autism spectrum interact with video games, what their gaming habits are and their behavior as gamers.

For this, he has developed two completely anonymous surveys: one directed at people within the autistic spectrum and the other directed at their caregivers/parents/guardians. These surveys are a first step in a larger study. The idea is to transfer and apply the result to video game design, so that these can be used both in therapy and education, and in the correct representation of autism within fiction. The final objective is to give visibility and raise awareness among the population.

Users survey

Caregivers/parents/guardians survey

It only takes a couple of minutes. The answers are anonymous and will only be used for this research.

Thank you very much for your help.

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