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Architecture that allows the hearing impaired to see on their mobile device the synchronized subtitles of a movie at the cinema. It consists of:

    • A cinema server that contains the subtitles for the movies, in which the cinema administrator places the available subtitles, and indicates the beginning and end of the movie to display the subtitles on a mobile device perfectly synchronized.

  • An Android application that connects to the server to download the desired subtitles and shows the subtitles synchronized with the film. It allows the user to select the movie and language from those available on the server. In addition each user can also set the text and background colors, font size and language of the application. The application is available in Spanish, English, German and French.


You can download the SubTitleMe app from here: the server from here: the installation and configuration of the server manual from here (in Spanish): and the user manual for the server and SubTitlteMe app from here (in Spanish):




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