Icono de MessageTTS que representa un bolígrafo y un altavoz sobre un bloc de notas.

App that allows reading with the voice synthesizer the text entered using the keyboard, it is designed for people with communication problems affecting their speech.

After writing a message in the text box on the main screen and pressing ENTER, the message is read by the speech synthesizer and stored in the user’s history. This history is displayed on the screen and by clicking on one of those messages, this will be read aloud again.

It is avaliable in Google Play. It can also be downloaded here:

A message can be saved as common action by long pressing on the message. The app has a button on the main screen to access common actions, where they are all enlisted and can be read by simply clicking on them, long pressing an utterance stored as common action will delete it.

Captura de pantalla de MessageTTS

You can define keyboard shortcuts that facilitate faster writing.

It also includes a setup menu to configure the voice synthesizer in the corresponding language. Available languages are: Spanish, German, English, French and Italian.

When choosing exit to leave the program, the history will be deleted, but not those saved as common actions.

To make the voice synthesizer work::

  • For version 2.1: Go to page and download packages “tts_3.1_market.apk” and “com.svox.langpack.installer_1.0.1.apk”. Install them on the device.

  • From version 2.2: Go to “Settings> Voice Input and Output”, click on “Settings speech synthesis” and then “Install voice data files.”


The next video explains the use of the app (in Spanish).


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4 Responses to MessageTTS

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  2. Maria Jose Mata Gallego says:

    El cursor se puede activar en la tablet?

  3. Mª Jesús Bascarán Rodríguez says:

    Trabajo como logopeda en un Colegio de Educación Especial. Utilizamos esta aplicación con alumnos que están aprendiendo lecto-escritura y necesitan “oir” lo que escriben. Los alumnos escriben mensajes y los oyen pero después quieren mandarlos por whatssap. Sería una aplicación completa si eso fuera posible.
    Muchas gracias por vuestro trabajo.

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