On this page, we would like to have a list of Android devices that are used with our applications, and additional steps, if necessary, to make them work.

Your information is very important, so others can know which devices are suitable to use. Please give us this information through the comments or by sending an email to contacto@accegal.org.

Device Type Version Additional steps Price
Archos 101 Internet Edition Tablet 2.2 Install voice synthesizer 300 €
Archos Arnova 10 Tablet 2.1 Install voice synthesizer 149 €
Acer Iconia Tab 501 Tablet 3.2 In “Language and text input> Voice output> TTS settings” and press to download voice data from the Market 500 €
Asus Transfomer Prime Tablet 4.0.3 None 575 €
BQ Verne Tablet 2.1 Install voice synthesizer 150 €
HTC Desire Smartphone 2.2.2 None 350 €
HTC Wildfire Smartphone 2.2.1 None 180 €
Memup SlidePad Tablet 2.2 Our apps does not work because we were not able to install the voice synthesizer
Motorola Defy Smartphone 2.2.1 None 245 €
Nexus One Smartphone 2.3.4 None 200 €
Point of View Play Tab 2 Tablet 2.3 None 79 €
Samsung Galaxy S Smartphone 2.3.5 None 339 €
Sony Tablet S Tablet 3.2 None 350 €

Usually the biggest problem that our users have is that the speech synthesizer (TTS) is not working. This is because many manufacturers do not include it in their version of Android, is not a problem that our applications are wrong. To install the voice synthesizer recommend the following options:


  • For version 2.1:Go to page http://code.google.com/p/eyes-free/downloads/list and download packages “tts_3.1_market.apk” and “com.svox.langpack.installer_1.0.1.apk”. Install them on the device.

  • From version 2.2: Go to “Settings> Voice Input and Output”, click on “Settings speech synthesis” and then “Install voice data files.”

4 Responses to Hardware

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  2. Joscarca says:

    He probado el pictodroid Lite y beta en Zenithing C91. Es un tablet muy asequible con 10 punlgadas de pantalla capacitiva. Entorno a los 150-190 euros según proveedores.
    Funciona bien. Aunque mi nano aun no es capaz de manejarlo, es una opcion muy interesante.
    Aparte de la opción del comunicador entendemos que este tipo de soporte ( tablet con android) es muy versatil tanto para estimulación como comunicación. 
    Vamos a hacer un pedido para los nanos de Avapace y el centro de atención temprana. Ya os comentaremos como va.

  3. Andres Reynoso says:

    Estamos utilizando PictoDroid Lite En una Motorola Xoom, la aplicacion funciona correctamente con Andriod 3.1, 3.2 y 4.0.4.

    Es una excelente aplicacion y nos es de mucha ayuda con nuestra niña de 3 años.

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